Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Afterdeck

One of the most important features added during the restoration I think is the afterdeck  it allows kit to be stored underneath it, it provides protection from astern, it allows fittings such as cleats to be easily attached and it just looks right.

Before adding the afterdeck, there was a cut out for the outboard as
well as a gas locker

The after deck during building
You can see the completed after deck here 

To build it we took two bits of oak and epoxied them onto the sides of the cockpit at the stern. Forrad of this we placed an iroko beam to take the weight. This was shaped by getting a too thick piece and then cutting it into a curve. On top of this we epoxied and screwed a piece of marine ply to form the deck.
I was then able to attach hardware such as cleats and a mainsheet traveller. I also attached the end of the backstay on here, which had the added feature of reinforcing the joint at the stern.

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