Monday, 22 October 2012

The Launch

Note the triple keels, unlike other Pedros the bilge keels
have been extended improving windward performance 
and the ability to dry out flat.
At 12:03 the Mistley Prawn serenely floated off her trailer, the gentle waves rocked her slightly as Taz tried to push her head round with dinghy. Eventually I decided to hoist the jib,(for the first time), and it gently pushed her nose round. She was sailing! I set a course away from Stutton point, roughly east. The main was hoisted up and remarkably fitted. After a year of hard work she was sailing.

After a while I decided to tack round ,(due to some shouty men with fishing rods who's lines extended 500 m off shore), with the help of the jib her bow was pushed pass the wind and onto the other tack. As I sailed back against the flooding tide, I met some blocks that had floated off the trailer, one was six foot long and got stuck between the transom and the rudder stock.

In due course I saw Dad rowing towards me, I luffed up, managing to point 55 degrees counting leeway -not bad for a triple keeler drawing 18". Five minutes later dad was on board and we were sailing east again towards my intended anchorage. As we came up to the anchorage i headed towards the beach, dad dropped the danforth into the water as I luffed hard. Soon she was settled to her anchor and then aground.
e triple keel
Nothing had gone wrong, even the rigging had never been tested and fitted. A perfect days sailing.

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  1. Look nice now that you have refurbished it. you've made a considerable improvement.